Opening Up


From the moment we are born, and we open our eyes, we begin the journey of unseeing. We don’t see how beautiful we are. We don’t see how our neighbour, though different, is just as beautiful. Our eyes become clouded with opinions, fears, and misunderstandings. With thoughts that may not even be our own. With prejudice. With hatred.

But what if we stopped, just for a second, and looked around to see what others are seeing? What if we considered that our vision may not be 20/20? What if we just asked ‘Hey, what do you see?’

Maybe, just maybe, if we listened, we’d begin to question why we have to believe that our way is the right way. Why we must diminish others to make ourselves better. Why we must kill and mutilate in the name of a belief that we didn’t even come up with on our own. And if you’re starting to think, yeah, open your eyes, people, then it’s time to look in the mirror. We all have to open our eyes.  Not just those that we believe are wrong. Maybe it’s time to see what they are looking at too.

Maybe, if we just opened our eyes, and our ears, and our arms, just maybe, we’d create a new reality. Maybe, instead of hanging on to our beliefs like they were our lifeblood, we would see that we can have our beliefs, and allow others to have theirs. Maybe we’d finally understand that we are more alike than different. That we don’t have to agree, to love and respect each other. Maybe we’d see that we are all connected. That we are one.

It’s time to open up, because being so closed is getting us nowhere.

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