I believe


When I was a kid, we lived atop my parent’s grocery store, and I could see the fairgrounds from my bedroom window. There stood a tall tower with a red light at the top. For some reason, the only time I ever noticed that light was on Christmas Eve, and I was sure that it was Rudolph’s nose, which meant Santa was almost at our house and I had better get to sleep. Since we lived in an apartment with no fireplace, I believed that Santa could make himself very, very small, and slip under doors. I would lie rigidly in bed beside my sister, sweating with the effort of appearing to be asleep, sure that Santa was sitting on the bedpost, waiting for me to open my eyes. After all, he knows…

My beliefs about Christmas may have changed, but I still believe in the power of the season. I believe in Peace on Earth. I believe that we all come bearing gifts. And I believe there is an incredible amount of joy to be had, if we would just follow the light. Merry Christmas, my friends. Wishing us all an abundant new year…

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