Sheep with Personality

At this time of year, I hand-felt a lot of little sheep. Cute little things that clients buy to hang on their Christmas trees or give as gifts to their loved ones. Each one is an original. And one day, while smiling at a picture of Penelope, I decided that she needed a back story. Something to round her out.

So I posted her picture on Instagram with the following… “Penelope has attitude, with the beauty mark to prove it. She likes her hair big and her personality bigger.”

Then there was Finn…

“Finn decided to embrace his premature gray hair because he knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Finn’s got it going on. Be like Finn.”

When I made Saoirse for the sister of a dear friend who left us this year, I decided that she needed to have some of the attributes of my darling Donna.

“She loves to be in nature, especially in autumn when the leaves put on a show. Saoirse loves to sing and take photos of snowflakes. Saoirse rocks.”

And, of course, Clementine was too cute not to be a bit badass.

Clementine loves an ombré and she’s proud to show the world just who she is. Clemmie competes in poetry slams, and can bust a move like nobody’s business. She wants you to know that pink ain’t just for girly girls…

There are more stories on Instagram and more wee sheep that still need their stories so I’ll keep going until all of my 2020 sheep are done. I think they deserve it. And after such a difficult year, we all deserve a chuckle.

5 thoughts on “Sheep with Personality

  1. They put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. They are so adorable. I love that you give them life, each with a unique character. Thank you for this. And yes, more please❤️

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