What am I creating?

I am creating a space where love can grow. Love for myself. Love for others.

I am creating a space for my true self, so that it will no longer be locked behind a bullet-proof door of memories and anxieties and fears.

I am creating a space that is safe. Safe from negativity. Safe from the sadness and anger and despair that seems to fill our world right now.

This space is my refuge. It is where I go when the world becomes too much. Where I go to gain insight. Where I go to find peace.

But this space is still small. A fledgling, in some ways. And I’ve realized that this space will not grow unless I share it. Allow others into my refuge. Allow them to share my space. And the more I share, the bigger the space becomes. The bigger it becomes, the more peace and love that fill it. So there’s more peace and love for me and more peace and love for others.

So what am I creating? I am creating a large space, an arena, a colosseum, where others can share with me until they start creating their own space. And then we’ll share together.

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