Forging a path…

I’ve been thinking about patterns. Old patterns. Beliefs that remain unchallenged. Paths of least resistance that feel safe.

For years I believed that I was difficult. I picked up this idea in my childhood and hung onto it. Sometimes even acted like it was true. Now, I know that this is false. I am a good woman. I know this because I challenged a belief that wasn’t valid. I forged a new path, one that is made by, and accessible to, me alone.

So I made a choice, a choice we all can make. We can continue with our tired beliefs or we can take the time to discover who we really are. Find out what our gifts are, and work on developing them. Use them to contribute to this ailing world. When chaos abounds, it is natural to look for something or someone who will tell us what to do. There are plenty of wolves in sheep’s clothing who will promise to show us the way. Give us the right answers. But it is up to us to figure it out for ourselves. Follow our own path. And when we do this, we will become creators, not destroyers. We will build up our brother and sister, not tear them down. I’m pretty sure that no one’s calling is to be a world class asshole. A bigot. A racist. These are the result of walking those old, worn out, fearful paths. Keeping the pattern going.

This is what I believe. I believe that our true self is mighty and strong. It is gentle and kind. It is light and love. It is fearless. It is truth.

Just for today, I hope that we can put those old beliefs and fears away. Pack them in a box and stick them on the top shelf in the closet. Better yet, take them to the dump. I hope that we can sit down and think about what makes us us. What is special. Unique. I hope that we do it again tomorrow. And the day after that. And after we’ve got a handle on it, I hope that we will go out and share it. Share it in big ways or little ways. Doesn’t matter. We’re not perfect. But we sure are lovely.

2 thoughts on “Forging a path…

  1. I believe too that we are love and light, everyone without exception. I just sometimes wonder why some people cannot or don’t want to see it

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