International Women’s Day

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with the friendship of incredible women.

These women have given me a lifetime filled with laughter. I have drunk a lot of wine with these women. Had more Cosmos than I care to count. Eaten the odd edible. Smoked too many cigarettes. I have been indiscreet, irreverent, and outrageous with these women, just as they have been with me. All of us safe in the knowledge that we love each other in spite of, and sometimes because of our wild ways.

I have trusted these women with my deepest, darkest secrets, and they, in turn, have trusted me with theirs. We have carried each other, and kept each other safe. Sorrow and pain shared so that the load is not too much for one person to bear.

I have women in my life who I can talk to just to work stuff out. Long conversations that don’t require a resolution, just an opportunity to discuss if we’re as crazy or selfish or oblivious as we suspect we might be. Conversations that always tend to end with us realizing that we are sane and rational and quite lovely, thank you very much.

Women have shown me that I am beautiful, smart, funny, and worth the space that I take up on this earth. It took me too long to believe them, but they persisted. I hope I have helped them to see how incredible they are. How wondrous. How beautiful.

These women love me as I love them; deeply and intentionally. This love is indelible, like a tattoo on my heart. They have made my life the interesting and fulfilling thing that it is, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Happy International Women’s Day, to all of these beauties. I love you to the moon and back.

5 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. I love you so much for the woman you are, the amazing friend you are, the crazy gal you are, the confidant that you are and the most beautiful inside and out person I can call anytime for a chat. Love you sweet lady❤️

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