I am Keanu

So today I am going to be Keanu Reeves. Not an Excellent Adventure Keanu, but a Matrix Keanu. And this is why.

This world we live in gives us lots of reasons to think that we are not worthy. Or at least not as worthy as the next person. It started with our children’s fairy tales, and continued on in the beer commercials that we watch on TV and the people that we listen to that tell us what the Rules are. We’ve got this idea that all that is needed is a glass slipper, and either we are the one waiting to stuff our foot into it, or we are the one carrying it around, hoping to find the foot that fits. We’ve got the idea that life is a party, and if your six-packs are visible, or you can rock a bikini, you will be given the golden invitation, and then you will be happy and worthy. We have the idea that if we follow these particular rules, and do this, this, and this, everything will turn out fine. But the truth is, is that there is no truth in these stories. No one’s foot fits in the glass slipper. It would just really hurt. Parties with lots of beer usually end up with someone crying and someone else vomiting. And living a life following someone else’s rules can only lead to frustration.

This is a problem. Yesterday, I read that we cannot solve a problem by remaining at the same level as the problem. We must rise above it.

So today, my rising will take the shape of Keanu. Today, while the world flings missiles at me, telling me who or what I should be, I will see them coming and know what to do. When I see that image of that see-through shoe coming at me, I will drop my left shoulder, and watch it whiz on by. When I hear the rowdy voice of shallowness zeroing in, I will bend over backwards and watch it sail over me. And when I hear a voice that tries to manipulate others for the benefit of a few instead of all, I will hold out my hand and stop it in its tracks.

And when my past hurts and my fears for the future threaten to overwhelm, I will step into them, focus all of my energy on the present, and shatter them into a million harmless pieces.

I will stand tall in my power. In my beauty. I will hold my space. And all of those rule makers and judges will see my inner light shooting out of my eyes, and know that they better back off and not mess with me. And then I will smile. And blow a kiss. And hold out my hand, so that you will join me and be Keanu too.

4 thoughts on “I am Keanu

  1. well, if you concentrate on this image of your “new you” from time to time, even only for 20 seconds it will become more and more real, believe me 🙂 good luck!
    and you’re right about all this stuff – we are constantly being brain washed 🙂

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