Listen Up

I’ve said before that I believe that there is a source-call it God, Universe, Spirit, Allah-that is vast and infinite. It is love and strength and goodness. And I believe that each of us has a true self that is in constant contact with this source and with each other. And that self has a voice.

That voice is the truth teller. It guides you on your path. It tells you of your gifts. It is the voice that reminds you that you are a part of a whole, not an island on your own. And it will never steer you wrong.

If I want to hear my true voice, I have to be still. I have to be aware of my breath and my body. Maybe it’s different for you. But when I am quiet, and listen, I hear that voice say things like ‘yessss, that’s right’. I feel when I am doing the right thing. Staying on the path that is mine. When I listen to it, my body and my mind are aligned. When I honour my connection, I don’t spin too far off of my axis.

And when I don’t? Well, that’s when I hear ‘Michelle, this is a bad idea’ in a singsong voice. Or sometimes I just hear Hey– before I cut it off. I shout louder. I make to-do lists that will keep my mind on task after task so that it doesn’t have time for contemplation. My fear forms earplugs that block out the voice. But even as I’m trying not to hear it, my body is paying attention. It starts with a nervous flutter. Tension builds. Anxiety ramps up.  And when I start to spin, I finally stop, reconnect and listen.

Life is full of noise. It’s busy. So many people suffering. So much anger. So much fear. Just read the news and you’ll know that there are a whole bunch of us not listening. A whole bunch of us drowning out our true voice and listening to voices that tell us that we’d better get what’s ours before someone else does. Telling us that we are better or worse than them. Telling us to only care about ourselves and our loved ones. Telling us that we or they are not worth the effort.

So what do we do? Well, first, we have to recognize that all of this negative self-talk is not ours. It is not true. It is a compilation of things we picked up in childhood, and at school and work and in our homes, our neighbourhoods, our towns, cities, and countries. And then we have to stop. Forget about what the other guy is doing and just take a deep breath. Listen to our bodies. Listen to our true voice. Can you hear it?

It’s the voice that tells you that you are beautiful. That tells you that the woman next to you on the bus is your sister. That tells you that the man at the corner store is your brother. Our true self will always choose love over hatred. Acceptance over fear. Friendship over animosity. Our bodies, our language, our culture is temporary. Finite. Our true selves are infinite and connected.

We are not all that different. We all want to be loved and accepted. And I believe that the only way this will happen is if we listen to the voice of our true self that is not only ours, but is part of the collective true self. The collective that we are all a part of in love.

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