It was a thought that popped into my head as I was trying to describe that feeling. To myself, no less.

You know that moment when the Grinch gets it? And his eyes brighten and his smile widens?  And his heart grows 3 sizes and breaks its frame?

That’s how I feel when I think of the Universe. My Source, with a capital S. When I think of how much is available to me. How much knowledge and love and truth is at my fingertips, waiting for me to tap into it.

It starts as a small ember, then spreads across my chest. I start to feel buoyant. Floating on waves of joy. I realize that there are no boundaries besides the ones I have created in my head. I am limitless. I have everything I need to create the life I have come here to live.

And then the day starts, and the groceries need buying, and the dishes need washing and the bills need paying and the dog needs walking, and I stop thinking about the big picture.

But each day I remind myself. I reach out my hand and my heart. I open my eyes. And each day, Grinch moment by Grinch moment, I build this life I am meant to live.

Funny thought to have, but there it is, nonetheless. I’ll take it.

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