The times, they are a-changin’…

Like so many others I have been swallowed by the turmoil and chaos that is filling the news. I have been obsessed with reading news articles on what is happening, moment by moment. I teeter between fear and hope. And it needs to stop.

The last couple of days I have spent more time in meditation. More time searching for perspective. Backing away from the minutiae and trying to see the big picture.

Here’s what I believe. Changes are coming, and we have a choice. 
We can feed on the despair and the fear, or we can choose to rise above it. 

We can fight against those who anger us, or stand peaceably with and for our brothers and sisters.

We can drop our righteous indignation. It is a hollow high that helps nothing. 

We may be mere humans, but we are also divine. We can inject good into bad. Love into hate. Peace into chaos.

 Let’s rise to the challenge. Let’s use what gifts we have to bring some love and peace and understanding into this world. Let us stand in the eye of the hurricane and emanate light. After all, that is what we truly are.

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