I used to smoke too many cigarettes
And eat too many things that were slathered in butter
But then I changed
I threw the cancer sticks in the garbage
And fed my body things that made it happy

I used to be outrageous
Loud, and funny, and afraid of nothing
But then I changed
I quit drinking to feel attractive, or witty, or to forget who I am
And I got to know the real me

I used to think that I wasn’t worthy of love
But then I changed
I let go of the old stories that were never true
and told new stories that filled my soul.

I used to be young
Pretty, and confident in my ability to turn a man’s head
But I changed
I got old
And I just don’t care if some man that I don’t know wants to look at me, appreciatively or not

I am the same girl that I see in those old photos
Just better
Or at least truer
I still laugh out loud
I still speak my mind, for better or for worse
I still swear, probably more than most women my age

But I’m happier
I threshed my life
Threw my wheat in the air
And let the chaff fly away
I changed
I set myself free

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